Truth, Justice, the American Way.
All three are crucial - but sadly, over worked.
So let's go a step deeper, and talk about
how we treat the people with whom we share this world.

Joe's articles of Faith

The Basics
- The world is a benevolent place - So life is worth the effort
-  Most people are decent and good - So they’re worth the risk
- Love holds as much joy as pain - So it is worth pursuing

Relationships are the most important thing we do
- To be visible to others, and make them visible as well
- To bathe them in kindness, affection and civility
- To give each and every one a bear hug (figurative or  literal) 

He really does want to change the world he inhabits
- To make it more open minded
- So it stops treating new ideas like the enemy.
 -The only way he knows to do that is help people to
      adopt a new perspective on life.

He’s most passionate about
- Big picture issues (politics, religion, human nature)
- Civil discourse in all settings
- Intellect, free from blind ideology
- Kicking each other, encouragingly, in the butt.  
   Urging each other to be just a little bit more
   than we thought we could be.


What does that mean for you?

An author, speaker or advisor has only one excuse for using your air:  He brings "secret" knowledge to the table.  Joe does that in spades.  Plus
   - h
e speaks with surety,
   - he embodies zeal
, and yet
   - h
e has a humble heart.
All the things a respectable prophet should offer.

The warm Embrace
You get Joe’s undivided attention.  He is, and will be, delighted by your interest in his topic and he looks to travel down that road with you.

The absence of celebrity 
Joe is kind and gracious to one and all – no matter how big, no matter how small.  He shows up on time and completely prepared.  He doesn't whine.  He doesn't demand.  He contributes, like a pro.