When he was 5, Joe stood in Thomas Jefferson's study at Monticello and decided he was going to be a Renaissance Man - like Jefferson: a jack-of-all-trades who got "good enough" in so many things that he had an impact on those around him.  Joe has spent the rest of his life in pursuit of that goal.

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He ran a business for 9 years  in the service sector, where revenue, service levels and profit tripled, with only a 30% increase in physical plant and personnel.



He earned a PhD from Northwestern, trying to find out why he'd done so well in the trenches.  In the process, he became a scholar on the topic of power in the marketplace.  

He went on to serve on faculties of some of the leading business schools in America - Duke, the University of Virginia and Rollins College, among others - was elected "Teacher of the Year" at three of them - and had his teaching covered by The Chronicle of Higher EducationMarketing News and several other publications

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Then in 1993, Joe left academia and became a full time personal advisor to CEOs  -- since 1995 as Chairman with Vistage (formerly The Executive Committe [TEC]) in Orlando Florida.  Over 22,000 CEOs now belong to Vistage, making it the largest and oldest CEO peer group in the world.


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Finally - Joe has been an award winning artist, a professional cartoonist, a portrait photographer, and an actor on film and stage.  

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He toured the country from coast to coast as a professional musician and holds an undergraduate degree in English Literature ...

... which he financed by playing football

... well enough to get a free agent offer from the Chicago Bears.

And did we mention that he's an Eagle Scout?  Yeh.  He's an Eagle ... and a Brotherhood member of the Order of the Arrow, to boot.

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