" ... kudos for turning me on to "That thing Between Your Ears..."  Not only a very enlightening and enjoyable read, the "walls" metaphor is brilliant, also details the discipline necessary to sift, sort and most importantly execute.  ...  I gotta tell you, I’m Hoovering this book up.  ...   Your framework for creativity is terrific so cheers to you; with practice it can be learned by everyone.   Imagine that world for just a minute.  Wish I’d had this 25 years ago!"              
                                                      Jim Haack – President, Momentum Builders

 “If you read these books and do what they advise,
you will lead yourself into greater prosperity and peace of mind. 
However, it’s going to take hard work and dedication.  
There is no free lunch, folks.  Life is a process, not an event."
Joe Anderson